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Thu Jan 29, 2015: Homeland Energy Group Ltd. Announces Changes to its Board of Directors and Officers (more...)

Wed Dec 24, 2014: Homeland Energy Group Ltd. Announces Proposed Private Share Purchase and Resignation of Members of the Board (more...)

Mon Dec 8, 2014: Homeland Energy Group Announces Forgiveness of Debt by GMR Energy Group Ltd. (more...)

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Homeland Energy
Homeland Energy Group Ltd. (NEX: HEG.H) was a coal producer with operations in the Witbank area of South Africa, approximately 100 kilometers from Johannesburg. The company also had a large-scale development property in South Africa as well as several exploration interests. The company is currently seeking new opportunities.

Homeland Energy Group Ltd. Shares are currently traded on the TSX Venture Exchange's NEX board under the symbol (NEX:HEG.H).

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Homeland Energy

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